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3D Laser Scanning

Imagine being able to capture everything in the physical world and have a digital model of it . . . . . .

Every day, thousands of companies are using 3D scanners to:

  • Create CAD models of real parts
  • Scan entire buildings to create accurate 3D models & as-builts
  • Inventory assets
  • Monitor structure movement
  • Investigate Crime Scenes
  • Reverse Engineer
  • Virtually simulate 3D tours

How does it work?         Click HERE to watch a video on how laser scanners work!

Basically a 3D Scanner is a device that measures the physical world using lasers, lights or x-rays and generates dense point clouds or polygon meshes.   A point cloud is simply a set of points in some coordinate system.  3D = X,Y,Z By using 3D Laser Scanners, we can create a point cloud of any object.  For example, see below one of our favorite objects.


We use this simple concept with highly sophisticated equipment to generate dense point clouds of our everyday surroundings.  In most cases, multiple scans from different positions are needed to provide full coverage on objects.  The scans will then need to be processed and registered together in order to create a complete point cloud.  By doing this, we essentially “re-create” the surveyed objects in a digital environment.  The 3D point cloud allows you to do many powerful things:

  • extract measurements
  • calculate volumes
  • reverse engineer
  • generate real-time 2D & 3D as-built drawings
  • overlay new design models and check for clashes / inferences
  • provide a baseline to design against to ensure sufficient spacing
  • drape color digital imagery over the point cloud to create a measurable picture
  • document current condition with real data

Is it right for your project?

Although there are no projects too small or large for us, there may be cases when high-definition scanning is more than you need.  We want to be sure we help you understand the benefits and costs associated with this technology.  In most cases, scanning is the absolute best option available today.  We are confident it will exceed your expectations in more ways than one!

How much does it cost?

Cost will depend on several factors such as:

  • desired accuracy / resolution
  • color imagery needs
  • horizontal and vertical control needs
  • density of and size of objects to scan
  • overall scope

We have scanned almost everything imaginable so we can give you a good estimate during our initial discussions of your project.



3D Laser Scanning will improve your project, save you money, and make your job safer!

  • Increase Productivity while capturing high resolution data quickly (nearly complete survey coverage with laser scanning).
  • Visualize and extract compelling deliverables from 3D data.
  • Scan hard to reach objects from a Safe distance.
  • Scan confined spaces / dangerous areas by placing a scanner and operating it remotely from a Safe area.
  • Save money by reducing or eliminating field visits by using a “Virtual 3D Representation of your project” from your office.
  • Minimal to No impact on daily operations – Eliminating Downtime.

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