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Who we are

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finding the missing link in gis mapping


is a surveying and GIS consulting firm serving government, industrial, healthcare, and commercial clients across the United States.  Our staff of surveyors, geospatial analysts, and software developers integrate innovative technologies with sound surveying and scientific methods to provide practical solutions.  We attack every challenge with an open minded approach with the intent of delivering the most accurate, economical solution possible.



Re-mote  Sens-ing  (noun) – the science of obtaining information about objects or areas from a distance . . . .

Our Company takes pride in utilizing the latest technology to solve problems that were previously very difficult or too costly with traditional methods.  Whatever spatial challenge your business faces, we can help you solve it with innovative technology and approaches.  Our strength is listening to your needs then applying knowledge and experience to complete the puzzle.  Since its creation, Wadelynn Geospatial has delivered the highest quality remote sensing, data acquisition, and mapping services available.  By utilizing multiple technologies and refined data collection and management techniques, we effectively serve all industries.  Wadelynn Geospatial accurately surveys large objects / areas to less than 0.006 feet and small objects to +/- 0.0014 inches!  We accomplish this economically collecting as many as 45,000 data points per second.  Most importantly, our technology, equipment, and experience allow us to survey objects / areas much safer than traditional methods.


We are deeply committed to the safety and health of our employees and protecting our customers from the repercussions of workplace accidents.  We carefully adhere to the safety best practices with regard to safety policies, our client’s policies, hazard assessments, proper communication and procedures, comprehensive training, and employment practices.

Our safety program has been developed by a team of highly qualified individuals and is considered a “living” program that we continue to improve.  All Wadelynn Geospatial employees are 30-hour OSHA Certified and we have regular, mandatory safety meetings to keep our focus on safety sharp.  We truly operate on the basis that “SAFETY COMES FIRST”!


As with puzzles, no project or client’s needs are the same.  We approach every solution with the goal of solving the puzzle in the most efficient and accurate way possible.  Sometimes that requires us to think outside the box.  Our firm has the flexibility to work with you on your terms in order to achieve the results you desire.  Being a small firm with tremendous resources allows us to be very responsive to our client’s needs. We have developed close relationships with clients over the years because of our integrity and responsiveness.


Wadelynn Geospatial LLC is a certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE) and Small Professional Services Firm (SPSF).  



We aim to be the most responsive team you will ever work with.  We do this with eager responses, intelligent team members, and a sincere desire to take care of your needs.


We treat each customer the same . . . . . like they are #1!  From our perspective, each customer, no matter how large or small the project, deserves the very best we have to offer.  We like to take it just a little further than that to make sure you get more than you anticipated.  Let us go the extra mile for you!


Unlike many firms, we welcome change.  In fact we encourage it.  We use the most technologically advanced equipment available on the market and continuously research better technology and approaches.