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What We Do

Solving real world challenges with technology.

At Wadelynn Geospatial we specialize in 3D Laser Scanning, Underwater Surveys, and 3D Modeling. We offer comprehensive surveys utilizing the most advanced technology available through the process of remote sensing.  These tools allow us to acquire information from objects or land forms without having to make physical contact with them. Having worked in nearly every industry we support, we understand the challenges you face and we take pride in the ability to offer solutions utilizing these technologies. Based centrally on the U.S. East Coast, we are positioned to provide nationwide support for construction, design, development, and infrastructure. Wadelynn Geospatial supports clients nationwide and globally.


Our Services



Preliminary Information

What solution is best for you?

We want to know what your challenges are so we can suggest the best solution for your project.  Based on our experience and lessons learned we can offer you valuable advice at this stage.  Prior to engaging any project we want to be certain our services are what you need.  If you win, we win!

Define Scope / Project Proposal


Clearly identify the project scope and provide you with an accurate cost estimate.

Once we have defined the best solution we can work with your team to scope the project and provide you with a project proposal.  Our goal is to provide you with a very realistic picture of what our roles are, what we will provide, when you will get it, and how many resources will be needed.  No surprises.


Project Work

It is time for us to go to work!

Now that we have a plan we can get to work.  We love what we do and we will be eager to get started on your unique challenge but our first thought will be safety.  Expect us to execute our plans efficiently but safely.  We also believe in communication and will keep you informed of our activities / progress from beginning to end.  Our state-of-the-art technology is very cool to see so we understand if you want to watch us work.  We encourage our clients to be as “hands-on” as they want to be while we are in the field.



Your solution is finally here.

This is the part we have been waiting for too!  We can now give you the missing pieces we identified earlier in the process.  It is very gratifying for us to deliver a solution to help you solve your puzzle.



Is your puzzle complete?

We were happy to give you the missing pieces but we are not going run away without making sure they fit!  We always make our team of analysts and experts available to help you as you complete your project.  We take pride in anticipating your needs and exceeding your expectations.  Customer satisfaction is our main priority at this stage.  Again . . . . if you win . . . . we win!